Project Code: 0003

Zauber, an Information Security Implementation Partner working with Financial Services and Government Organisations in and around the City of London, are seeking a computer science / business student to help them determine the feasibility of their new product that aims to highlight potential deviant activity in corporate contexts.

The student tasks on this project will be:

  • Review of current software packages to see how they supposedly detect fraud and identify gaps in market
  •  Survey the companies/corporations on current problems they encounter with employees
  • Background research on communicational norms and types of communications used in workplace
  • Background research on workplace bullying, associated reasons and typical communicational avenues
  • Background research on indicators of protective or defensive behaviour in the workplace
  • Background research on lifestyles of typical corporate workers and threat/complaints procedures – Research which type of clients would benefit from the product
  • Research the potential commercial demand for the product within that/those market/s
  • Assist in marketing and product advertising

The project should take a few weeks, but this can be flexible around the student’s existing commitments. The student will be based at Zauber office at Hethel Engineering Centre.


To express interest in this project, please get in touch and quote the project code above.