Innovate Business is a free workshop that helps you to make innovation an important part of your business. It is about helping your company to create better products and processes through culture and strategy.

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Innovate Research covers:


We run a diagnostic on the innovation levels within your business. This is aimed at working out the level of several key innovation indicators.

Workshop one  Strategy

Innovation strategy is the structured long term integration of new ideas into an existing product or service portfolio, and business model.

Workshop two Process

Innovation process is the specific way that ideas are created, collected, evaluated and developed.

Workshop Three Organisation

The culture of a business is the operating system that links all of the resources, activities and people. A good working culture can stimulate new ideas, better products, and more effective methods.

Workshop four Linkages

External linkages are fundamental to any business, but supporting innovation in a business requires a different view of these relationships.

Workshop five Learning

Professional development and training have long been important parts of any business. Utilising these in a structured way that aligns to an innovation strategy will allow new ideas to flourish and for new avenues to be explored with reduced expense.