Local Funding Opportunities

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Business


Local Funding Opportunities are real! And we have have the information for Norfolk and Suffolk based businesses…

The New Anglia Growth Hub is a space where local businesses can find a huge variety of business support services. Managed by Suffolk Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership and is supported by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the European Regional Development Fund.

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The hub prides itself on being FREE and IMPARTIAL and focuses on businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk and providing them with a variety of support to encourage growth and development in the local business community.


  • Grants & Vouchers
  • Start Up Advice
  • Finance
  • Exporting
  • Expert Advice
  • Digital Support
  • Intellectual Property
  • Advice & Support
  • Leadership & Management

Business Growth Advisers are also available to talk with you over the phone or in person, making the services even easier to access and find out more about.

New Anglia Growth Hub have introduced the Growing Business Fund.

New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership works in partnership with Finance East and Suffolk County Council to deliver the Growing Business Fund. The big goal is to provide funding to local businesses intending to grow and create sustainable new jobs.

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This fund specifically is looking for local businesses who want to grow and create new jobs. It is comprised of the Small and Large Grant Scheme (You can find out much more detail on this at growthhub@newanglia.co.uk)


  • Micro and Small Medium sized businesses sized enterprises across Norfolk & Suffolk
  • Ready to invest, expand and recruit (One person per £10,000 of grant)
  • Able to evidence your need and matched funding from private funds


  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Energy
  • BioTech & Health/Life Sciences
  • ICT & Digital Creative
  • Agri-tech

Applications from other business sectors may be considered on their merits, you can find more information on the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership Growing Business Fund and Small Grant Scheme Guidance for Applicants @  http://www.ukassistedareasmap.com

New Anglia Growth Hub have also introduced the Micro Grant Scheme.

The Micro Grant Scheme provides direct grant funding to local Micro, Small and Medium sized businesses to support one or more of the following: growth and expansion, introduction of new products or services, improvements to productivity and efficiency, and may also create new jobs. The grant offers grants between £1,000 and £10,000.


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  • Micro and Small Medium sized businesses sized enterprises across Norfolk & Suffolk
  • You will spend the fund on one of the PURPOSE activities
  • Your proposal must lead directly to and are essential to business growth and efficiency


  • Growth and expansion of the business
  • Introduction of a product or service that is new to the business
  • A measurable improvement in productivity
  • A measurable improvement in efficiency
  • Creation of jobs

The Micro Grant Scheme will only support well considered proposals. Costs which are not directly related to the proposal, e.g. routine repair, maintenance etc., are not eligible.

However, the sector of the business can be many, the only exclusions are; primary agriculture and horticulture, fisheries, aquaculture, forestry, steel, synthetic fibres, retail (including farm shops and post offices), care sectors, health and medical services, financial services, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, estate and employment agencies.


You can find out more about the Growing Business Fund, or even grants, loans, angel finance, crowdfunding, venture capital, by speaking to a Growth Hub Adviser, by calling 0300 333 6536, by email growthhub@newanglia.co.uk, or by checking out their Twitter @AngliaHub